Do you deliver?

YES, we deliver Australia wide. Shipping is calculated at checkout. For our heavier items, we can arrange delivery to your nearest depot for a cheaper price. Please contact us for a shipping quote via email at info@firepitsdownunder.com.au

BBQ / Fire Pit FAQ

Can you cook on them?

YES, our BBQ fire pits are purposely designed with the Australian way of life in mind. The grill is perfect for cooking on and you can even put a pan or wok on it to suit all types of cooking. We have had great testimonials where our happy customers have not use the grill or spit at all and place a Camp Oven inside the bowl to cook a stew or dampa.

How do clean my BBQ Fire Pit?

The BBQ Fire Pit has a removable air grate on the bottom. All you need to do is place a bucket underneath it and remove the grate once cooled down. We advise not to degrease the inside of the bowl as the fats from cooking will help to protect it.

Can I leave my grill on the BBQ when using it as a fire pit?

No, the grill plate is only designed to be used for cooking on and should always be removed when using it as a fire pit. The intense heat of a fire may cause the grill to warp or bend out of shape.

Unique Cast Iron Fire Pits FAQ

Can you cook on them?

Yes you can, Grills can be purchased seperatly for a cost depending on if you choose a Metal one or Stainles Steel

Will my fire pit rust?

No, it will not rust, as all the bowls have been made from CAST IRON which will only oxidize unlike steel that will corrode and rust out over time, much like the cheaper fire pits available on the market today

How do clean my BBQ Fire Pit?

The fire pits are all independent from the base, so on its own they roughly weigh about 30kg, so you can either tip the pit over or scoop out the ash the next day using a shovel, but basically all the fire bowls are maintenance FREE

Do they have a hole in the bottom? 

Yes all the bowls have a small 12mm hole in the base to allow water to drain away and not collect when the pit is not in use

How do I put put the fire when I am finished with it?

 The best thing to do is simply let the fire burn out and the next day when it has cooled, then scoop the ashes out if it. Do Not throw cold water over the fire pit when it is hot or even warm as it may cause it to crack. Being cast iron the extreme difference in temperature will affect the structural integrity of the pit

Why is my fire pit grey in colour? 

All fire pits are initially grey in colour because it is raw cast iron and hasn’t has a chance to oxidise yet. It will naturally start to oxidise over time however this will take a few months. If you wish to fast track this process and have it looking rustic sooner, then please email or call me and I can advise the best method of achieving that rustic old charm look 

How do I protect the top plate of the Teppanyaki Fire Pit from Rust?

 Before the Teppanyaki is sent out, the top plate gets acid washed using Hychloric Acid which strips away all the oil and grease on the plate to reveal the natural clean steel plate. Sometime by the time it reaches its destination the it starts to rust slightly, however to clean this surface rust off to bring it back to a nice clean surface for cooking on, we suggest giving it another acid wash and immediately after it has been clean, run lots of olive oil into it which will seal it and protect it from the elements

The Inferno Series FAQ

Will my fire pit warp? - The highest quality Australian steel, when using the fire pit over a extended period time or overloading with timber the fire pit may distort slightly. Once it cools down it will return to its normal shape. It’s important to NEVER throw water on the fire pit as this will cause the fire pit warp due to the sudden change in temperature. It is best to let the fire burn out naturally or use sand/soil to extinguish the flame

How hot does the fire pit get? - Extremely hot! It is estimated to be over 400 degrees Celsius. The fire pit will retain its heat even once the fire is out. Do not touch and keep children and pets away

Milkcan Fire Pits FAQ

What is the lifespan of your fire pits?

When designing and manufacturing the fire pits, careful consideration has been taken in the quality and thickness of the materials we use for our fire pits. This ensures your fire pit will last longer than most cheaper quality lightweight fire pits that are offered at bargain prices. (these are often made from steel that is less than 1mm thick - they feel light when you pick them up and they just wont last very long)

Our range of firepits is typically made from steel that is 3 to 4mm thick

The life span of our fire pits is dependent on a few variables.

1. How often the fire pit is used

2. Its exposure to weather elements

3. How it is stored when not in use.

Can I use my fire pit on timber decking, grass or undercover?

The best surface for your fire pit would be on a non-combustible material such as a concrete or gravel surface.

Decking - We do not recommend this, as heat can transfer through base and affect the condition of your decking or be a fire hazard. Also hot ash and coals could spill over the side of the fire pit.

To prevent this you would have to place some heat resistant insulating material underneath your fire pit, exceeding the overall width of your fire pit by a sufficient amount to protect against ash and coals falling out.

Grass - Heat can transfer through the base and affect grass. To prevent this you would have to place some concrete pavers or other heat resistant material underneath your fire pit.

Undercover - We do not recommend this.

Will your black fire pits eventually rust?

The surface of our black fire pits will age naturally over time to a rust finish. The rate of rusting is dependent on exposure to the elements.